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The firm is named after a great Muslim jurist Imam Juwayni and an English Judge Sir Henry Hawkins. Al-Juwayni was a prominent Muslim scholar known for his gifted intellect in Islamic legal matters. He began his teaching career at only 19 years of age. Al-Juwayni spent his life studying and producing influential treatises in Muslim government. His basic principle was that the law should not be left to speculation on any grounds. Rather, texts hold the answers to any possible legal debate in some capacity or another. Hawkins’s name is identified with many of the famous trials of the reign of Queen Victoria as a legal practitioner. Hawkins was raised to the bench in 1876 with the title of Sir Henry Hawkins. His knowledge of the criminal law, arbitration and commercial law was extensive and intimate.
The firm is currently operating from Islamabad, Lahore and Peshawar. The firm has a long tradition of professional services and rendered its services across the country on vide areas of practice. The firm provides a large range of services including litigation as well as advisory and consultancy services. Its clients range from companies to small institutions and individuals.

The Firm has a professional and skilled team which is rendering services in corporate laws and allied matters, financial laws, Power sector, feasibility studies, developing legal and operational manuals, systems and procedures including accounting and, bookkeeping and soliciting, preparation and registration of legal documents and to give legal, corporate and financial opinions. These services are being rendered with Advocates, Qualified Accountants in-house and lawyers/accountants/financial experts/shariah scholars (Muftis) on the panel. Besides this, the firm also gives services to streamline financial affairs of the business in consonance with provisions of relevant laws.

The Firm is on the panel of five international chains of legal and financial organizations. The senior partners of the firm Mr. Rizwan Azar and Mr. Qaiser Imam are the leading advocates of the High Courts and Federal Shariat Court of Pakistan. The firm is being managed by Barrister Nayyar Jawad who is also an advocate of the High Court and Dr. S.K. Saeed who is a PhD holder in management sciences with expertise in financial and accounting matters. Mr. Mian Ahmed Ibrahim and Tariq Naseem are the panelists to provide project based services time to time required by the firm.


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Islamabad High Court Bar Association
Islamabad Bar Association
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Lahore High Court Bar Association
Rawalpindi High Court Bar Association

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