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Juwayni & Hawkins

Juwayni & Hawkins is providing wide range of services that include legal, regulatory, energy, power, corporate, finance, banking, civil, criminal, tax, Islamic law and family matters. Its operations also cover drafting, advising, litigation, auditing & provision of consultancy in investment, portfolio management, legislation, agreements, financial & risk management and Human Resource issues.


Juwayni & Hawkins is regularly engaged and/or assists clients in arbitrations as well as negotiations of complex commercial contracts locally and internationally and is also on the panel of KCDR.


Juwayni & Hawkins is engaged and is on the panel of many institutions and individual clients to advise them and/or to represent them in cases which, amongst others, fall in the following areas:

Juwayni & Hawkins

Modern Law Firm Offering Financial Advice And Management To Businesses Great And Small

Property and Real Estate
Dispute Resolution
Employment and Services
Banking and Project Finance
Telecommunications and Regulatory
Energy and Power
Intellectual Property
Family and Juvenile

Our Clients

  • Civil and Criminal litigents
  • Education
  • Energy and Power
  • Telecom and Regulatory
  • Corporate